B&A INC was established by designer Bae Dae-yong in 1988. B&A Architect Office was established in 2004 through expanding its business to architecture, and since then, B&A has worked on general design projects from architecture to interior.

B&A creates design with unlimited mind. Ceaseless imagination and communication are power of our thoughts, and the results are presented in various forms through many projects.

Although each of us has own color, our work to show the depth with united emotion about nature became the identity of B&A now.

Daeyoung, Bae

After graduating from College of Fine Arts at Hongik University and the same Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, He working on design in B&A INC and B&A Architect Office. He was invited by KOSID with energetic activity and has various prize-winning experiences both in architecture and interior design.

He is a designer who continuously imagines and specializes how to communicate with nature. Through various projects both at home and abroad, he expresses unceremonious emotion about nature with an intuitive sight, and always presents new works with no limit in forms. He also published a book titled “Removing, and Becoming Transparent” on the basis of space with living emotion and philosophy with nature in it.

B&A Inc Staff
  • Seungkyeong Han
  • Yeosang Yoon
  • Heechang Kim
  • Seonghee Lee
  • Jeongwan Lee
  • Changseob Shin
  • Myungki Kwon
  • Jinseong Bae
  • Yeonhee Kim
  • Euijin Seong
  • Yongwan Kim
  • Junbin Hwang
  • Chaewon Yoo